Art Director

I believe that beauty is everywhere, things are beautiful by nature.

I enjoy beauty and I love to discover it in every person, in every thing.

I believe we as individuals can make a better world, and I wake up everyday to do my part.

As such, I've commited my professional life to create spaces, pictures, words, symbols and graphics, to allow people to use those things to say something about who they are.


Architect by the ITESM, studied Graphic Design, Intercultural Communication and Languages at UVM, UMD, UQAM Self -Taught Filmmaker and Photographer. Became Art Director by combining previous knowledge and experience, request for Curriculum Vitae.



For ideas and collaborations, you can make contact.


"MERCI Antonino a chaque fois tes photos sont hallucinantes !!! Tu ROCK comme photographe :P"

Valerie Circus

"To all the people who have collaborated with me through all these years, Thank you!"

Antonino Medina





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